Potterphiles, fire up your e-readers. On Tuesday, author J.K. Rowling finally made her wildly popular 'Harry Potter' book series available in digital format through her Pottermore website.

The long-awaited move comes after months of testing to ensure the site could handle what is sure to be an onslaught of orders.

By selling the digital versions of the books herself, Rowling -- who smartly retained the digital rights to her works when she signed her publishing contracts -- will keep most of the revenue instead of being compelled to share it with publishers as she did when the books were strictly on paper.

The first three Harry Potter titles are $7.99 each, while the remaining four titles, which are longer, will set you back $9.99 per book. Links to buy them are also now on sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble -- clicking those will download the digital books onto associated e-readers, with the retailers keeping a cut of the profits.

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