Are you ready for a Tyler Perry channel? Whether you are or not, it’s happening. Maybe.

Reports state Lionsgate and Perry are forming a new venture called Tyler TV -- much like Oprah Winfrey’s OWN channel. The studio and Perry have yet to comment.

If the reports are true, the channel would start off by playing reruns of Perry’s wildly popular television shows and films. According to The New York Times, the partners plan to eventually buy third-party content similar to the Christianity-driven stories that make up Perry’s brand.

Lionsgate and Perry are allegedly considering rebranding all or part of the TV Guide Network into Tyler TV, since Lionsgate owns 50 percent of that channel, with One Equity Partners controlling the rest.

If that doesn’t work out, people are guessing that the partners will either buy, rebrand and expand a small cable channel that has a complementary audience or collaborate with Comcast, which committed to providing more minority-run programming after taking over NBC Universal.

Perry has come under fire for perpetuating stereotypes about African-Americans in the media. But despite the controversy, his plays, TV shows and films are very successful. We'll just have to wait and see if Perry has the same luck with a cable channel.

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