So far we've learned that the worst US drought in 50 years will cause meat prices to rise and has even forced some ranchers to feed candy to their cattle. But now comes truly disturbing news from the UK's National Pig Association (who knew there was such a thing?): a worldwide bacon and sausage shortage may also be in the future.

According to a press release issued by the NPA last week, a shortage of pork is "unavoidable" next year, as droughts in the U.S. and Russia wreak havoc with feed crops like corn and soybeans. The press release points out that pig farmers all across the world are reducing the size of herds as the cost of feed rises sharply.

"New data shows the European Union pig herd is declining at a significant rate, and this is a trend that is being mirrored around the world," reads the press release. "Pig farmers have been plunged into loss by high pig-feed costs, caused by the global failure of maize and soya harvests."

As a way to combat the problem, the NPA recommends that British consumers buy pork now, which will in turn convince supermarkets to pay pig farmers higher prices for their stock. Otherwise, pork-lovers will soon face a potential shortage as farmers drastically cut back on production.

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