When it comes to keeping tabs of his Chinese food, David Chan is most definitely not lo mein-tenance.

Chan has kept track of every Chinese restaurant where he’s eaten at since 1955. And he’s kept more meticulous order than the numbering on a buffet menu by chronicling all 6,297 restaurants in an Excel spreadsheet with notes on each meal.

Chan, 64, isn’t some crackpot, either. He’s a lawyer and an accountant, who just so happens to have a love of Chinese cuisine. He’s recognized as an expert, too, with people seeking him out on Twitter to ask for advice on where to chow down.

Chan grew up during a time when his parents wanted him to be more American and not embrace his ethnic roots as much. His interest in his Chinese heritage didn’t bloom until he enrolled at UCLA and really took off after he graduated and made a pact with co-workers to try every Chinese restaurant as it opened. While Chan has more than held up his end of the bargain, it’s unclear if the co-workers have followed through on the pledge or if they're like the rest of us and eaten without taking notes for posterity.

Keeping track is part of Chan’s personality. He said, “I’ve always been a collector. I collected stamps, and records.”

Now, if he only kept all the fortunes he's amassed from the fortune cookies he's gotten, we're really be interested.

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