While many of us were celebrating Memorial Day weekend, which happily coincided with Dario Franchitti's Indy 500 win and the gloriously spectacular Golden Gate Bridge anniversary fireworks display, there were plenty in Florida who were suffering through harsh weather.

Tropical storm Beryl pelted the area with heavy rain and harsh winds all throughout the weekend. Residents of Italy weren't having much luck either as they were hit hard by an earthquake that crumbled buildings in Northern Italy.

Though all that combined seems like an eventful week, it would've been nothing without some controversial moments. Mitt Romney would know that better than anyone, as his campaign came under fire after failing to catch the misspelling of "America" in its app. Everyone seemed to forget about it, though, after a photo was released of two military moms breastfeeding their infants in their uniforms.

Crazy, huh? Relive all these moments through some of the best photos of the week.

Earthquake Strikes Italy