All dogs bark, but have you ever stopped to think about who your pooch may sound like if it actually could talk?

A new survey has found that 35% of owners with female dogs think their pet would sound like Whoopi Goldberg if it had a human voice. A total of 26% with male dogs said their animal would sound like Morgan Freeman.

Dog owners like to chat with their pets (75% admit they use a ‘doggie voice’ when talking to their pups), so much so that 48% of them claim to be able to tell their pooch has a different bark when they want something to eat.

They also think good company is important when it comes time to chow down. That’s because 24% would want their dog to share a meal with Regis Philbin.

And while girlfriends and boyfriends may come and go, the love of man’s best friend is a constant. Forty-one percent of respondents who are currently dating someone say they communicate better with their dogs than their human love.

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