A bridge collapse in Mount Vernon, Washington on Thursday miraculously resulted in no fatalities.

The Interstate-5 Bridge went tumbling in the Skagit River below, causing three people to spill into the water and go to the hospital.

Dan Sligh was in his car with his wife when the bridge came tumbling down. He explained what happened:

We started slowing down, and about that same time another semi-truck came up on the left side. It almost looked like he pinned that truck over to where he couldn’t swerve. He hit the bridge about three or four feet wider than the actual bridge was, and there was a big puff of dust. I hit the brakes, (but with) the weight of the trailer and everything else we went right off the bridge as it collapsed into the Skagit River.”

Sligh and his wife, along with another man, all went into the water and were rescued. They were brought to a hospital and are listed as being in stable condition.

Things could’ve been much worse, considering the water was 46 degrees and 18 feet deep.

The I-5 Bridge was built in 1955 and inspected twice last year. There is no estimate for when it may re-open to traffic.

After the collapse, a crowd of about 2,000 curious onlookers emerged on the scene and took photos, several of which went viral.

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