Hugh Jackman's sung and danced on Broadway and at the Oscars and clearly knows a thing or two about carrying a tune. So, what kind of music does the Australian actor like?

Turns out Jackman is a hip-hop fan. He and director Shawn Levy went to a concert featuring Eminem and several other hip-hop luminaries while shooting Jackman's current movie 'Real Steel. ' Jackman told NextMovie he thinks Eminem is "extraordinary, and one of the greatest live acts I've ever seen."

He added, "I'm a real fan of live music, but if I go to a concert and I feel that I'm just getting their CD, basically, played for me, it bores me. I would prefer to just listen to it. But he, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Dr. Dre: It was one of the most electrifying nights I've ever been a part of."

Jackman says he went backstage during the show and saw Dr. Dre getting ready to go onstage. He recalls, "It was kind of like watching a prizefighter getting ready for a big fight. There’s just so much that they put into every song."

Jackman will bring his own musical stylings to the Broadway stage soon -- performances of his limited-run show 'Hugh Jackman - Back On Broadway' start October 25. 'Real Steel' earned more than 27-million-dollars its first week out and is currently the number one movie in America.

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