It looms ever closer once again. That day when people who like watching other people chase each other and a little ball around a field for several hours get together to sit in groups and yell at random intervals. You’re social, so you go, but you aren’t that into sports. We understand.

The beauty of Super Bowl Sunday is that you don’t have to understand what special teams are, the strategy of an onside kick or what the line of scrimmage is. None of these things has to matter to you because football is not the only thing to watch on Super Bowl Sunday. Grab a plate full of food, nod and smile while everyone discusses stats and strategies and facts of Super Bowls past and then, when the game starts, find a TV somewhere else and surf these other options.

Super Bowl Commercials

Halftime Show

Money isn’t only poured into commercials. Every year the NFL and its sponsors try to outdo themselves by throwing more money at the halftime show. Sometimes the only reason to tune in is to see if the dollars to disappointment ratio has improved from the year before, because sadly, after 2005, the likelihood of a wardrobe malfunction is minimal.

Puppy Bowl

Animal Planet understands that you want to join in the excitement of the moment, but would rather watch cuteness than hulking athletes. Tune in before the Super Bowl for all the drooly, snuggly, barky goodness. This year there’s even a Puppy Cam and chicken cheerleaders.

Bud Bowl

Maybe you prefer the excitement of watching malted beverages wearing helmets battle it out on the gridiron. It’s a rare occurrence these days, but perhaps if there are other non-sports fans at the party, you can start your own beer bottle football game.


the ladies of Sex and the City

If you would rather forget about the Super Bowl altogether, you have other options. How about an 'Ab Fab' marathon on BBC? There won’t be any sports on that. There aren’t likely to be any sports during the 'Sex and the City' marathon on E!, either. Rather have something a little more “real?” Bravo is showing back-to-back 'Real Housewives' all day, or get your fill of mommy drama with MTV’s marathon of 'Teen Mom 2.' If you believe baking and a marathon go hand-in-hand, find your own television and tune in to Food Network’s all day airing of 'Cupcake Wars' for some sweet and sporting action.

And really, marathons are a sport too, so it’s not like you’re completely denying the theme of the day.

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