Here’s a surprise to no one: people in Hawaii are feeling better than anywhere else in the country.

For the fourth year in a row, residents of the Aloha State have reported the highest level of well-being in America. The Gallup study looks at 50 pieces of data to create its rankings, including physical health, emotional state and working conditions.

Things are so peachy – or maybe that’s pineapple-y – in Hawaii that the overall scores jumped from last year. Colorado took second on the list.

Things are not going so well in West Virginia, which finished dead last. That’s bad enough, but it’s worse when you consider that it’s the fourth straight year it has brought up the rear.

Highest-Ranked States for Well-Being

1. Hawaii
2. Colorado
3. Minnesota
4. Utah
5. Vermont
6. Montana
7. Nebraska
8. New Hampshire
9. Iowa
10. Massachusetts

Lowest-Ranked States for Well-Being

1. Oklahoma
2. Indiana
3. Louisiana
4. Ohio
5. Alabama
6. Arkansas
7. Tennessee
8. Mississippi
9. Kentucky
10. West Virginia

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