There are a couple of things you can count on the American people doing each time an election year rolls around -- updating their voter registration cards and buying more guns.

During the last presidential election four years ago, not only was there a record number of background checks conducted during the month of November, but retailers also reported peak increases in firearms sales.

This jump is said to be due to people’s fear that a new government leadership would make it more difficult to buy guns as freely as times past. So, it comes as no surprise that with another election on the horizon, manufactures of both guns and ammunition are looking for 2012 to be another record year.

Some weapons manufacturers are already reaping the benefits.

Olin Corp., which fabricates ammunition for Winchester rifles and handguns, reports that during the first quarter of 2012, the company noticed an overall increase in sales of about eight percent with a 13 percent increase among civilian consumers.

Financial analysts suggest that the upcoming election will have an impact on escalating sales figures. “Obama is reportedly referred to as ‘salesman of the year’ in the firearms and ammunition industry as gun-rights supporters stock up on supplies ahead of a possible more restrictive environment,” says Don Carson, of the Susquehanna Financial Group.

In following along with the trend that came with the election of 2008, the demand for ammunition and firearms is expected to intensify with each passing day leading up to the election -- even with prices set by weapons manufactures increasing as well.

It is predicted that the only thing that could cause a bigger surge in the weapons industry this year is if the country did in fact suffer a zombie apocalypse.

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