Loretta Lacy is shattering the stereotype that grandmothers drive slowly.

The 49-year-old woman was busted four times for speeding last week over a three-hour period along the same highway, including one instance where she was zipping along at 112 miles per hour.

It seems Lacy was making the 525-mile trek from her home in Sioux Falls, South Dakota to Racine, Wisconsin in the hopes of seeing her granddaughter’s dance recital. Aww, that’s sweet.

What wasn’t sweet were her driving exploits in the state of Minnesota, where she received all four tickets. She got her first one on the outskirts of Jackson, Minnesota after she was clocked going 112. In addition to speeding, she was also cited for driving without insurance and possession of marijuana.

Lacy clearly didn’t learn her lesson, though, because about 20 miles later, she was pulled over again, although to her credit she was only going 99 miles per hour.

An hour later, Lacy was caught a third time when she had slowed to a relative crawl of 88 miles per hour. Later that afternoon, she was still trying to go all Marty McFly on the road when cops pulled her over again for going 88 miles per hour.

As it turns out, Lacy probably should’ve driven faster because she didn’t make the recital on time. Maybe next time, she should just leave a little earlier.

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