Sometimes, having a big heart can cause big problems.

Police in Collier County, Florida have arrested 19-year-old Andrew Anderson for giving out discounts to people he felt needed them while he worked at a Goodwill store.

Anderson said he was merely trying to do a good deed by helping out those truly in need:

I'm not a bad person, what I did was with all good intentions….It makes you feel amazing, makes you feel like that you can actually be the person to help them.”

Anderson would often slash prices in half, noting, "I wasn't actually stealing. Goodwill is a giving and helping company, so I took it upon to myself to be giving and helping because I feel people deserve it.”

When the store got wind of Anderson’s actions, he was fired and authorities were called in. He was arrested and charged with grand theft. Anderson, who gave the price cuts for two weeks, says he had no idea he was doing anything wrong and only wanted to “help people.”

Anderson also says he never took any money for himself and has even offered to pay back the difference between the prices paid and the prices the store asked for the merchandise.

A Goodwill spokesperson, however, is unmoved by his generosity, saying "In incidents like this, we always prosecute and the reason why is when people steal from Goodwill, they're not stealing from the company, they're stealing from the mission of our organization."

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