Losing a band member is almost always difficult and it's got to be particularly tough to learn your bandmate is leaving via Twitter, as the members of Gloriana discovered a couple of months ago, when vocalist and mandolin player Cheyenne Kimball announced she was quitting.

They took the news in stride, however, and regrouped as a trio, getting down to work on their upcoming sophomore release, 'A Thousand Miles Left Behind.' In the process, they discovered the whole ordeal might have been a blessing in disguise.

"For our first album, the songs were written in 2007," recalled band member Tom Gossin during a visit to CMT. "So if we could look at our lives in 2007 and look at our lives now, pretty much everything around us has changed. I don't think we've changed as people or who we are, but prior to that, we hadn't traveled much and hadn't done much but play in bars. We had a lot to say for this record. It's like a documentary about what's been going on with us."

Asked what fans should expect from the new album, singer Rachel Reinert responded, "They can expect Gloriana in the whole form of us all having our own vocal moments and also coming together with our signature harmony sound."

She continued, "But for this record, we set out to make a more organic-sounding record. .... The songs are very reflective of our lives over the last four years together as a band and a lot of our own experiences. To give you an example, when we started this band, I was 18 years old. So there's a lot of growing up to be had. I think they'll see there's been an evolving process for us."


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