Buyer, beware.

A man in Britain was so upset about what the prostitute he paid for looked like when they met up at a hotel, he decided to call the police to complain in the funniest bit of dialogue to come out of the country since Ricky Gervais created 'The Office.'

The john contacted authorities to say “she made herself out to be better than she was” and that she violated something called the Sale of Goods Act in the process. He was incensed that she "misdescribed" herself in her newspaper ad, in some sort of carnal bait and switch.

Cops initially hung up on the man when he called, but he was so enraged he called back.

An officer said the man did not see the error of his ways:

He genuinely believed he had done nothing wrong and that the woman should have been investigated by police for misrepresentation. I told him that she'd not committed any offenses and that it was his actions, in soliciting for sex, that were in fact illegal. Unhappy with the response, he then insisted on coming down to the police station to debate the matter."

The man didn’t identify himself, but some slick sleuthing resulted in the police figuring out who he was. Since cops are not in the business of protecting consumers when it comes to the illegal act of paying for sex, they instead sent the fellow a warning, which, presumably, included more than a reminder that he should've asked for a photo.

Listen to part of the call below

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