A Florida woman may have taken the prize for nastiest prank ever.

Natasha Larson took out an ad on Craig'slist in which she invited men to come over for random sexual encounters -- and then she signed it with the name and address of her husband's ex.

It wasn't long before guys starting showing up on the unfortunate lady's doorstep.

"She also gave them my cell phone number and these men were calling, texting and sending pornographic picture messages to me," the unnamed victim, who said she has two children at home, wrote to the Herald-Tribune. "So, not only did she endanger my life and safety by sending these strange men to my home but she endangered her husband's children as well."

Police worked with Google and Verizon to trace the ad back to Larson. She's now been arrested and charged with criminal use of personal identification and information, which is a felony.