We have, once again, celebrated our way into January and, for most of us, it’s time to get back to reality after the whirlwind that is the holiday season. If this isn’t easy for you to do this time of year, here are some things that might help.

To start, go easy on yourself. Most people get a little down after the holidays, so you shouldn’t feel bad that you can’t just spring zestfully back into your pre-holiday routine. Being patient with yourself is the key to feeling better faster. And, while you’re trying to enjoy your routine again, get your structure back. A disciplined schedule will help you focus, but make sure you also include things you do for yourself in that schedule.

And while you’re working your gym time back in, also take a moment to pamper yourself. You’ve spent the holidays preparing for guests and thinking of others. Now you can take a moment for yourself. Of course, that doesn’t mean to keep binging on holiday treats. Eliminate those sugary goodies from your diet to get your internal systems back in order.

Then, after you’ve cleared the festive treats from your refrigerator, fill it with Omega-3 foods to get your mood in check and feel better about your well-being. Finally, sprinkle in high-intensity workouts to get that physical release you need. If that isn't enough, take a step back and realize when it’s time to seek the help of a medical professional. Everyone deserves to have a happy new year.

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