If you think people are really washing their hands after using the bathroom, well, the soap is on you.

A new study of more than 3,700 people about the methods used at the sink will most likely have you in a lather.

A (non) soapy situation

A total of one-third of people didn't use soap and 10% don’t even bother washing their hands in any capacity. Gross.

Time is of the essence

In fact, only 5% of people properly wash their hands long enough to kill germs. The Centers for Disease Control recommends people rinse with soap and water for 20 seconds. The research, however, found folks must be in a hurry because they only washed for an average of six seconds.

Man, oh, man!

The next time you're asked to shake hands with a man, you may want to think twice. Fifteen percent didn’t bother washing their hands, period, as opposed to the 7% of women who didn’t. Among men who did wash their hands, only half used soap – a far cry from the 78% of hygienic women who did.

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