Since starting out four decades ago, the Eagles have notched six number one albums, six Grammys, five number one singles, and sold more than 120 million albums. How do you celebrate your 40th anniversary after enjoying so much success?

According to Don Henley, it might be a good time to go on tour. Or, you know, just quit.

Speaking to a German newspaper, Henley and Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh talked about what keeps the band going after all these years, and Henley reflected on 40 years as an Eagle by saying, "I do not think we’ll go on so long. Next year marks the 40th anniversary of our first album. This could be a good time to … oh well, quit? Or go on tour?"

"I hope we can still write more songs," added Henley, who's prepping a solo disc of country covers. "I hope that my best work still lies ahead of me. Whether it’s true or not, I can still get out of bed in the morning."

Walsh insisted that, for his part, being an Eagle is still enjoyable, saying, "We really have fun working together...there is something special when the four of us are together." The tongue-in-cheek guitarist also joked that, if the band does hang it up with one last run of dates, they can call it the 'Farewell 2 Tour' -- a riff on their Farewell 1 Tour from a few years back.

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