A woman in Tennessee isn’t fighting back as much as she’s fighting backside.

Terry Ragland was stunned when she went to a doctor to treat a bad back only to have the doctor give a stunning diagnosis:

He said ‘I know what the problem is. It’s ghetto booty.’”

Ragland, 55, had never been to Dr. Timothy Sweo before and has since filed a complaint with the state’s department of health.

Ragland claims Sweo wrote a letter of apology, which actually ended up creating a bigger mess. Sweo reportedly wrote, “I was trying to take a technical conversation regarding your lower back and make it less technical.”

Ragland is furious because, “It says to me that he doubts what type of intellect I have, how intelligent I am to be able to understand what he conveys to me in a medical term.”

Sweo tried to defend his actions:

What I was trying to explain to that patient is that she has lumbar lordosis, which is a fancy name for the curve of the lower spine that makes the buttocks protrude more. In trying to explain that I said that she had ghetto booty and she didn’t like that apparently. That was my attempt to explain why she had the back problem. It wasn’t the whole problem but it was part of it and she got upset about it. You cannot cure lumbar lordosis. I think I do understand why her feelings were hurt but I don’t understand what’s offensive about it.”

Ragland isn’t hearing any of that, though, claiming his comments was “demeaning.”

The state will investigate before determining if Sweo needs to be punished.

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