For years many have claimed that the NBA rigs many of it's events.  Is there any truth to the speculation? Or are people just bitter when things don't go their way?NBA commissioner David Stern has had to deal with the rumors that his league is rigged for almost 30 years.  This year, people are at it again, thanks to the recent draft lottery. The NBA owned the New Orleans Hornets most of this season and then sold them to New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson just a month before the draft took place. Then, the Hornets won the draft lottery to secure the number one pick.

People are crying foul play, but is there any proof behind those allegations? In the past, teams have seemed to tank a season for a chance at a big pick, but to rig an actual draft lottery would be ludicrous. Or would it?

Many have also speculated that big games have been rigged to favor ratings. Some referees have come out of hiding and admitted that they rigged games, but the NBA does not back up those claims. We'll probably never know the real truth.

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