Were it not for George Washington, you could argue that Orlando Shaw is actually the father of our country.

That’s because the Nashville man has 22 children. With 14 women. And he’s only 33 years old.

Yes, Shaw spawns children like gremlins soaked in water and for that he’s in some legal trouble. The roster of women who answer to the call of ‘baby mama’ have taken him to court for unpaid child support, which he says he can’t pay. That makes sense, considering he probably owes what Bill Gates makes in a decade.

The state has had to step in and fork over more than $7,000 every month to help his children.

Shaw, who says he’s a good father, claims he can’t get a job because he has a criminal background (how did he find the time to commit crimes between all the women he seduced?).

In this lively interview, Shaw turns into the poster child for why shows like ‘Teen Mom’ should not be glamorized. He has trouble remembering just how many kids he has and actually admits his carnal actions as a teenager haunt him to this day.

The good news for Shaw? He says he won’t have any more kids because he’s going to be “fixed.” Which, of course, begs the question: where will he find the money to pay for the procedure?


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