The weather heats up during the summer, but that doesn’t mean it needs to burn a hole in your wallet while you look for that special someone.

A new survey of 1,339 singles by dating site revealed that men will spend more on dating in the summer than any other season. Sixty-four percent drop more cash on dates in the summer, while, perhaps not coincidentally, 56% of women claim dating is cheaper for them during that time of year.

Don’t go all out

Men may cough up more cash as the temperature soars, but it may not be necessary. That’s because 72% of women report having gone on a date where they enjoyed a free activity. Further, 68% of the ladies surveyed say they typically enjoy less expensive dates, with 83% claiming a date that’s under $25 is better than a date where a lot of cash is dropped. A total of 7% would rather go on a hoity-toity date that costs a lot of money. Clearly, those would be the type of women who aspire to be on ‘The Real Housewives’ franchise.

How much is enough?

While the majority of people seem to favor cheap dates, how much, exactly, is a good amount to spend? Among men, 43% say they’ll drop anywhere between $51 and $100 while trying to woo a woman. Women, on the other hand, say they expect to pay between $26 and $50.

Just say no to coupons

Yes, your bank account may take endure a flogging or two if you’re a serial dater, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to cut corners. A total of 61% of all respondents say it’s wrong to use a coupon on a date.

No money, less women

Dating can certainly eat into your wallet, which is why there are some men who skip out on the whole singles scene altogether. About 36% of single fellas admit to not dating because of the effect it has on their finances. Sure, that’s what they say, but maybe they’re just covering for the fact they can’t actually get dates.

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