There have got to be better ways to show a judge you deserve to have your kids back.

A New Jersey man trying to win visitation to see his youngest child showed up in court Monday dressed in a Nazi uniform.

Heath Campbell, 40, has been at the center of controversy for several years now for giving his kids names with Nazi themes, including his seven-year-old son, Adolf Hitler Campbell. He also has two daughters -- JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, 6, and Honzlynn Jeannie Campbell, 5. In addition, he has a son, Heinrich Hons Campbell, who he has not seen since shortly after his birth.

As for his controversial choice of attire, Campbell, who also sports a swastika tattoo on his neck, said he hopes the court could look beyond it:

The world needs to see who I am. I’m not a bad person. It’s not what on the outside of you. It’s what on the inside."

Incidentally, Campbell says he does not support what Hitler did while in power, although he has launched his own group called Hitler's Order.

Campbell is now estranged from his wife, who has given up rights to the children. State officials claim they took the youngest child because of previous abuse reports. Campbell and his estranged wife, however, argue authorities are merely out to get them because of the names they gave the kids.

Campbell hasn’t seen any of his children in two years and the three older kids have been adopted by another family.

Campbell and his wife grabbed headlines in 2008 when they claimed they were being discriminated against after a supermarket refused to write their son Adolf’s name on a cake.