Sometimes the real winner in a race is the one who realizes victory isn't everything, which is just what happened earlier this week at a high school cross-country meet in Tennessee

Seventeen-year-old Seth Goldstein, a senior at  Cooper Yeshiva High School, was rounding his second turn in the race when one of his opponents collapsed in front of him from a heat-induced seizure. That's when Goldstein snapped into action.

"His lips were turning blue and his eyes were rolled back in his head," said Goldstein. "I was terrified. But then I thought to myself, freaking out isn't going to help any here."

Goldstein wasted no time tending to the well-being of the fallen runner, who by the time 911 was called had already started to vomit blood.

"He had bitten his tongue and was bleeding pretty bad," reported Goldstein. "I feared he was going to choke on his blood. I rolled him on his side so he wouldn't asphyxiate."

Once EMTs arrived, they stabilized the wounded runner and assured everyone concerned for his safety that he would make a full recovery.

According to reports, Goldstein then stood up and requested that he be allowed to finish the race, which he did, finishing with his slowest time, though many would say he was the real winner.

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