Seinfeld fans, rejoice.

The show may have been off the air for years, but @SeinfeldStories is here to remind you why you fell in love with Jerry, Elaine, Kramer and George in the first place -- and you don't even have to turn on a TV.

The popular Twitter account, which calls itself micro-blog fan fiction, tweets out imagined plotlines in 140-characters or less. You get the set-up, but the rest is up to your imagination.

Here are some samples:

"Elaine dates an orchestral oboist so she can hear about Broadway gossip; George makes a girl a mix tape with disastrous results."

“Jerry finds toe nail clippings in his apartment and can’t figure out who they came from; George vows to stop wishing people a happy birthday.”

"Kramer and Frank invent the 'Say Tray!', an ice-cube tray that alerts you when your cubes are frozen."

Feeling inspired? The account also retweets submissions from followers, so you can join in the fun, too.

Look at them as tweets about nothing about a show about nothing.

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