As it turns out, the customer is not always right.

A Crawfordsville, Florida woman was arrested last week after she pulled a gun on Walmart employees when the store refused to take a coupon she had.

After an employee told Mary Frances Almay, 61, they couldn’t accept her coupon, she lost her cool. Almay yelled at the worker and then hit the assistant store manager with a shopping cart. At that point, she was ushered out of the store – but not for long. She went to her car, grabbed a .38 and walked back in while she waved the weapon.

Alday hopped back into her car and drove away. Authorities pulled her over later and had to tase her in order to get her out of the vehicle because she hit an officer several times.

She’s been charged aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, one count of battery, one count of battery on a law enforcement officer, and resisting arrest with violence.

And to think: this all started because of a coupon.

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