Mash-ups, made from blending pieces of at least two songs into one new creation, have been a mainstay of club DJs for years, but they didn't gain mainstream appeal until 'Glee' began featuring them regularly during the TV show's musical numbers.

The 'Glee' mash-ups, including a Halloween-show mix of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' and the Yeah Yeah Yeah's 'Heads Will Roll,' have inspired even country megastar Keith Urban.

CMT reports that Urban recently told a radio station, “You know, I think people are becoming more accustomed to mash-ups and things like that these days. Hearing unusual sort of songs that you think would be unusual together, to not seem so strange, back to back. So, hopefully, we’ve got a chance to spin some new songs.”

We wouldn't exactly call Urban an "old dog," but it's still nice to know he's still got some new tricks up his sleeve.

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