VIP Jammers,

Thank you for purchasing a VIP ticket to the 25th Annual Country Jam! We are counting down the days until June 16th when we officially kick off our silver anniversary and what will certainly be another great year at Country Jam. Similar to last year, our upgraded VIP area will feature an air-conditioned tent, covered outdoor seating, top-notch catering, and up close access to the best country acts today.

This note also serves as a friendly reminder that if you want to split your 4-Day VIP ticket into four (4) daily tickets [Four (4) total wristbands instead of one (1) with each wristband good for one (1) of the four (4) days] you can do so until April 1st. After that date, we will no longer be able to edit your order as tickets will be processing.

Please note: No tickets will be split once they have shipped, and absolutely no tickets will be split on site.

If you would like to split your VIP tickets, please call Guest Services at 855-821-8210 before April 1st. There is a $25 per ticket charge to split tickets. Additionally, anyone with split tickets will not be allowed into the campgrounds.

Finally, if you have moved or need to change your shipping address, you must let us know prior to April 1st.

See you at the Ranch in June!