Perhaps hate is too strong of a sentiment, but one nation, it seems, was so offended by Disney's Donald Duck that it banned the depictions of the character from the country. Can you guess the country?

If you’re imagining some exotic, anti-western or antiquated group of people, you’re way off the mark. In fact, Donald Duck was banned from Finland, home to Nokia, sauna culture and an awful lot of wild reindeer.

Poor Donald, or so the popular story goes, upset Finnish sensibilities by his stubborn refusal to wear pants. There is a bit of urban myth to this story, and a bit of truth, but regardless of the facts, Donald Duck comics were banned in Finland during the late 1970s.

What actually happened was that the Helsinki Youth Affairs Committee decided Donald Duck comics were too lowbrow for the city’s children, and so they cancelled their comic book order. Apparently, one member of the committee complained, most likely in jest, about Donald’s moral depravity. The cartoon duck didn't wear any pants, he had an improper relationship with Daisy Duck out of wedlock, and his rich uncle routinely took baths in tubs full of money. And thus Donald and his friends were booted out of the country.

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