If you were to name 10 celebrities you would never think would agree to appear on a reality show, veteran actor Clint Eastwood would be near the top of such a list (if not the top). But that's about to change.

TMZ is reporting that Eastwood's family has agreed to star in a new reality show for the E! network. The show will star his wife, Dina, and their daughter, Morgan, and Eastwood's daughter, Francesca (whose mother is actress Frances Fisher). The series will show what it's like to grow up in a famous Hollywood family.

Now, the 81 year-old Eastwood will not be one of the stars of the show. He'll only make a few cameo appearances. But still, this has to be a little of a shock to Eastwood fans.

The Oscar winner doesn't seem like the type of person who would be on a reality show, or even allow a camera crew to follow family members around all the time. He seems more old school than that, though maybe his daughters begged and pleaded and he just threw his hands in the air and said OK.

Now we just have to figure out a good name for this show. Any ideas?


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