There have been lots of changes in the life of Chelsea Clinton. On top of getting married last year, she now has a new job -- TV reporter.

Bill Carter at The New York Times reports that the former First Daughter has joined NBC News. She will report for two shows, 'The NBC Nightly News' and the new Monday night show 'Rock Center with Brian Williams.' For 'Nightly News,' she'll contribute stories to the regular "Making A Difference" segment. No word yet on what she'll do for 'Rock Center.'

Steve Capus, the President of NBC News, met with Clinton during the summer and asked her what she wanted to do. Clinton said she loved the personal stories she heard while campaigning for her mother Hilary Clinton a few years ago and wanted to concentrate on that. She plans to donate all of the money she makes at NBC News to her father's Clinton Foundation and to George Washington University Hospital.

The new job starts immediately, so we should be seeing stories from Clinton very soon.

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