Epic Finish To Third Grade Basketball Game [VIDEO]
Sure, the kid blatantly travels before launching his epic buzzer beater, and it doesn't appear to be a regulation length basketball court the  youngsters are playing on.  Still, we challenge anyone to produce a more exciting end to a basketball game than what went down in Portland, Or…
Truck Full of Ink Crashes Colorfully [VIDEO]
This truck spewed hundreds of gallons of ink all over the highway outside Boston on Wednesday. Pretty colors! Ink is one of the most expensive liquid materials, so this might be one of the priciest truck spills in history (though the whale spill of 2004 still goes down as the grossest).
Check out the…
11 Best ‘Inception’ Parodies [VIDEOS]
The Internet overfloweth with parodies of hit films. But nothing has inspired web video auteurs quite like last year's high-concept smash "Inception." In fact, if you can think of a word with the suffix "-tion," there's probably an "Incepti…
7 Adorable Puppies Chasing Ice Cubes [VIDEOS]
Move aside, cats on Roombas: puppies chasing ice cubes might be our favorite new category of animal videos. When these pups mistake slippery ice for skittering critters, a showdown (and a whole lotta adorable) ensues.
Check out these clips of dogs facing off against ice cubes:
YouTube’s Coolest Dads
There are so many cool dads on YouTube. These guys aren't afraid to get jiggy with it by dancing with their daughters or just jamming to Judas Priest in their jammies. Check it out.
This dad isn't too tough to dance along to some Disney Channel starlet.

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