Blind Man Stuns With Amazing Ability To Fix Cars [VIDEO]
They say if you lose one of your senses, another becomes heightened to compensate.
That certainly seems to be the case for 50-year-old Bart Hickey. Legally blind, he can't drive a car -- but he can take one apart and put it back together. He even owns his own successful repair shop in the Chicag…
The 5 Best Brooks & Dunn Covers on YouTube
Country singer Ronnie Dunn - one half of superduo Brooks & Dunn - talked with Taste of Country a bit last week about musicians that influenced him. Among Dunn's more interesting recent influences: "I love Harrison’s slide guitar on 'Something,'" the singer told Taste of Country.
Dunn h…
England Gets Its Own ‘Jersey Shore’ Spinoff [VIDEO]
The United States has provided the United Kingdom with its greatest export, MTV's 'Jersey Shore.'
The British version, called 'Geordie Shore,' tracks the lives of eight young people with a worldview similar to the Jersey cast - namely fighting, partying and hair gel.
After the…

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