Carrie Underwood is the most successful American Idol singer of all time. She's married to former NHL player Mike Fisher, and she loves her dogs Ace and Penny and her son Isaiah. These things you likely know, but the 13 items on this Things You Didn't Know About Carrie Underwood list will leave you shocked, amused and maybe a little terrified.

New stories about her childhood, her obsessions and her strange body marks are included in this collection of facts, as are details about her college days and the type of movie that would make her perfect date night. How many did you already know? If you are 13 for 13, consider yourself the ultimate Carebear!

The "Cry Pretty" singer drops nuggets of trivia and facts from her past in many interviews. She openly talks about her childhood in Oklahoma and life on TV and in Nashville over the past decade. Can you believe it's been 13 years since we first met Underwood?

Start the 13 Things You Didn't Know About Carrie Underwood list below or watch a fun shortened version in the video above. That's What She Said host Ania Hammar has things to say about being dumped in the wrong way. Comment below if you're feeling her, and then subscribe so you never miss an episode of That's What She Said.

13 Things You Didn't Know About Carrie Underwood!

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