Doing some car shopping? According to a new survey, your choice won't just be based on color or price -- it could have something to do with your political leanings, too.

Marketing research and industry forecasting firm Strategic Vision, which recently polled 38,000 car buyers, found that self-identified Republicans bought larger and more expensive models, while Democrats opted for smaller, more affordable ones. So, what are the most popular vehicles to buy for people in each political party?


1. Ford Mustang convertible

2. Audi A8 sedan

3. Mercedes GL-Class

4. Ford Expedition

5. Ford F-150 pickup truck


1. Honda Civic Hybrid

2. Volvo C30

3. Nissan Leaf

4. Acura TSX Sport Wagon

5. Ford Fiesta

David Stokols, president and chief executive officer for A.M.C.I., an automotive consulting agency, doesn't put much stock in the results, saying, “There are far better explanations for these buying patterns than whether someone’s Republican or Democrat, like locality. People in Ohio do not buy the same vehicles as people in Southern California.”

Regardless, Christin Baker, Ford Motor’s communications director in Washington, had a decidedly non-partisan response: “We’re happy to serve the red and blue states. We offer the power of choice to drivers and customers of every political stripe.”

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