The horror of asking out a member of the opposite sex has no place in one school.

San Diego’s Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary School has prohibited students from asking each other out.

Principal Liz Sloan sent a letter to parents explaining the unusual rule, claiming too many kids were pressuring their classmates into asking others out and "creating an uncomfortable learning environment." It said, in part:

Some of the students are playing a game where the winner directs the loser to ask someone out. Some of the boys have been pressured into asking girls out. At the least this is a kind of negative peer pressure and at the most it might be considered bullying. Some girls have been asked out repeatedly and are feeling harassed.

The good news? Sixth grade is only 10 months away, which will give students plenty of time for their hormones to burst.

Listen to a local news report on the matter below, as well as a classic clip from 'The Wonder Years' where Kevin wrestles with calling a girl to ask her out.