It looks like the predictions we often about hear about California breaking off into the ocean someday may not be far off. On Sunday, a stretch of road in the Los Angeles area slid into the ocean after heavy rains.

The Paseo del Mar road in the San Pedro area had been a concern for civil engineers for months, after large cracks -- some measuring 25 feet wide -- started to damage the roadway. Parts of the road had been closed since the spring and crews had put up fencing and warning signs as they monitored the status of the large fissures in the surface.

With massive amounts of rain in the area over the weekend, travelers and onlookers were warned to avoid the road altogether and finally, on Sunday afternoon, the bluff that the road sits on gave in to erosion and a section of the scenic route slid into the ocean.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said there were no injuries and no property was damaged and then encouraged people to steer clear of the area for their own safety. The city’s Department of Public Works said a study of the area is underway, but they have no time line for when the road will be rebuilt.

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