Brides want everyone to know they said “I do.”

According to a new survey in honor of National Proposal Day, which is March 20, 59% of women admit they updated their Facebook status to married or changed their profile name within one day of getting hitched.

When it comes to showing off photos of the big day, don’t you dare think about beating the happy couple to the punch. Fifty-two percent say the bride and groom should be the first ones to post pictures of themselves online. Sixty-one percent also refuse to let bridesmaids upload photos of the wedding dress before walking down the aisle.

Social media also plays an important role before brides take the plunge. Fifty-nine percent said they find wedding ideas on Facebook, Pinterest and other blogs.

About 500 engaged or women married within the last two months took part in the poll, which also revealed that 49% of prospective brides would think about getting married via Skype, so people can watch. Of course, that would make it mighty difficult to figure out who chimed in when the "speak now or forever hold your peace" part comes up.

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