The Milwaukee Brewers aren't going anywhere this year. Heck, they can't even make it to home plate when they hit a home run.

The Brewers disastrous season hit a new low on Wednesday night when Carlos Gomez's 1st inning home run of the Atlanta Braves Paul Maholm triggered a brawl in which Gomez was met by Braves catcher Brian McCann before he got to home plate.

Gomez was apparently still smarting over Maholm hitting him with a pitch in a game back in June, so he got the Braves into a tizzy when he admired his home run and stared at Maholm. Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman started yelling at Gomez and then things got heated, as you can see.

Gomez and Freeman were immediately tossed.

At first, Gomez had no regrets about the incident, saying, "I don't apologize for this," Gomez said. "Just take the pain back. You can see the replay. They hit me for no reason, and I tried to get it back today. It's the only opportunity that I have. That's what I did."

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