This will make you think twice the next time you drop your child at daycare.

Surveillance video captured a fight between a parent – holding a 1-year-old baby -- and employees at the McGarity School of Prep daycare facility in McDonough, Georgia.

Authorities are now investigating the matter, which reportedly happened last December.

The parent involved, David Gray, says employees accosted him first, although police believe Gray started the altercation.

Gray was reportedly upset because his oldest son was suspended from the school. The daycare’s owner, who was one of the people involved in the melee, says she was merely defending herself. Gray’s lawyer, meanwhile, alleges the owner refused to let Gray or his kids leave the daycare.

There’s no word why it’s taken a year for this incident to come to light, which is especially hard to fathom since you can see other kids on the floor during the fight.

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