Talk about a sugar high.

A nine-year-old boy in Covington, Georgia has been suspended from Porterdale Elementary School for sniffing Smarties through his nose.

Third-grader Demitri Santiago crushed the popular candy and then inhaled them through his nose. He told his mother he had gotten the idea after watching a female classmate do the same thing.

Demitri came home from school this week with a note saying he had been suspended for “sniffing a powdery substance.”

Demetri said he wouldn’t sniff the candy again and his mother says he was only doing something because he’s a curious kid.

The school system released a statement about the matter:

This matter is currently under investigation. The health, safety, and well-being of our students are all very important to us. This activity has the potential to be very dangerous for children and parents need to be aware of the possible health risks. While we cannot release individual student discipline information due to federal privacy laws, those involved have been disciplined accordingly."

You can watch a report on the matter and then see a video of kids sniffing Smarties below. Let's just hope this isn't a gateway candy to Nerds.

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