Out of all the great things the Internet offers, giving us something to do while we pretend to work is near the top.

Maybe that’s why so many companies have caught on and taken it upon themselves to deny access to certain sites. A new study of more than 1,000 workers in the US has given some insight into the most blocked sites in the workplace.

Nearly 20% of all respondents said they can’t log on to Facebook while on the job, making it the most blocked site and causing nearly one-in-five working stiffs the agony of waiting until 5:00 before seeing what the guy who sat ahead of them in 10th grade history plans to eat for dinner each night.

Here’s a look at the most blocked sites, along with the percentage of people who say each site is blocked at their place of employment:

1. Facebook – 19.4%
2. Twitter – 15.1%
3. YouTube – 13.7%
4. Pinterest – 11.2%
5. Other social media – 10.9%
6. LinkedIn – 9.7%
7. Webmail (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) – 9.3%
8. Other sites – 4.6%

Pity you if you’re at a job where you can’t access any of the above sites. We recommend you either get a new job or beg your boss to upgrade from that Commodore 64 he’s making everyone in the office use.

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