Body modification is being taken to a whole new level.

Biohacker Tim Cannon inserted an oversized computer chip under the skin in his arm. Crazy? Maybe? What’s definitely crazy is he didn’t have a professional help him and he didn’t get any anesthetic during the painful procedure.

A flesh engineer is the lucky guy who put the chip in him. Yes, his title is flesh engineer, which sounds more like what Dr. Frankenstein should've put on his business card.

The chip in question, called the Circadia 1.0, captures biometric data and sends it to Android devices, where it keeps tabs on body temperature and can alert the user to the fact he has a fever.

Perhaps mercifully, we don’t actually see the painful procedure, but we do see Cannon and his Robocop-esque arm afterwards.

We're all for do-it-yourself projects, but this seems a little extreme. We think we'll limit it to home repair for now.