Big 12 officials voted Thursday to invite Texas Christian University to be the league’s tenth team next year, replacing Texas A&M when they move to the SEC.

The Horned Frogs are playing their last year in the Mountain West, and had prepared to move to the Big East next year, but TCU sources say they only need to finalize a few details and expect to announce their plans to join the Big 12 soon.

Big 12 officials also say that further expansion could be coming shortly, with Louisville reportedly at the top of the list.

As part of an effort to stabilize the conference, Texas has also reportedly agreed to give up broadcasting high school games and highlights on the Longhorn Network, one of the key sticking points in discussions with Big 12 schools who had discussed leaving the conference. The league has also agreed to split television rights equally among all conference schools.

Meanwhile, the Big 12 continues to wait on a possible move by Missouri. The Tigers have been actively seeking a new conference, openly flirting with the Big Ten a year ago and now talking to the SEC.

The Birmingham News reports that a majority of SEC presidents support adding Missouri as the league’s 14th team, but don't have the nine votes required to officially add the Tigers.

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