What good is a road trip without a few great tunes?

Sure, you can listen to the radio, but sometimes, it's nice to have a few classics queued up and ready for the right road-tripping moment.

So, for those who are packing up the car and heading out on a trip this summer, here are 10 great songs to choose from.

  • ‘Start Me Up’ – The Rolling Stones

    We wouldn’t necessarily recommend singing in a rest stop bathroom, but if you did, this might be the perfect choice. Released in 1981, some of Mick’s vocals were recorded in a bathroom in order to give the song its signature sound.

  • ‘Born to Run’ – Bruce Springsteen

    There may only be one Jersey Shore, but there are more than a few places like it. This is the perfect song to blast just as you’re one your way out. Though it certainly reads like a love song, at its core, The Boss says ‘Born to Run’ is really about getting out of Asbury Park.

  • ‘King of the Road’ – Roger Miller

    Though you may feel like the king of the road, try not to drive like him. In fact, according to Miller’s lyrics, the King didn’t even drive. Recorded in 1965, this smash hit is one of only a few about hobos.

  • ‘Life Is a Highway’ – Rascal Flatts

    In the wrong situation (bumper-to-bumper traffic, a heated argument with your road-tripping companion), the metaphor can be disastrous, but when things are going right, there’s nothing better than to hear this song come on while you’re barreling down the open road. Originally by Canadian singer-songwriter Tom Cochrane, this was his only Top 40 hit in America. For Rascal Flatts, on the other hand, this was one of more than 10.

  • ‘On the Road Again’ – Willie Nelson

    Your road trip isn’t over until the fat lady sings. In the meantime, you can listen to Willie. A song about the rigors of touring, ‘On The Road Again’ inspired many more trips around the globe when it went on to become Willie Nelson’s ninth number-one single in the US.

  • ‘Tiny Dancer’ – Elton John

    Inspired by the California girl of the 1970s, this iconic Elton John tune was actually written by John’s co-writer, Bernie Taupin. Though it went on to become a classic, it never even cracked the Top 40 when it was released.

  • ‘Drive My Car’ – Beatles

    If you feel like your partner isn’t doing his or her fair share of the driving, how about a not-so-subtle hint, courtesy of the Fab Four? Recorded in the wee hours of the morning at London’s Abbey Road Studios, the song is perfect for driving through the night.

  • ‘Born To Be Wild’ – Steppenwolf

    If you don’t play it at least three times a day, you might as well be driving to the super market for all the adventure you’re going to have. Considered by some to be the first heavy metal song ever recorded, ‘Born To Be Wild’ actually originated as a slow ballad.

  • ‘Roam’ – B52′s

    You may not be traveling by air, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still listen to the B52′s. The follow-up to the smash hit ‘Love Shack,’ ‘Roam’ actually charted just as high when it reached number three.

  • ‘I Get Around’ – The Beach Boys

    Written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love in 1964, ‘I Get Around’ went on to become the Beach Boys’ first number-one hit in the US. It was also the subject of more than a few legal disputes over ownership and songwriting credits, so when you and you’re road tripping partner aren’t exactly seeing eye-to-eye, remember: Even the Beach Boys fight.

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