Buying airfare shouldn’t be as complex as trying to handicap a race horse, but the truth is sometimes it’s trickier.

Most people at least have a fighting chance with a little beginner's luck when making their first bet on the ponies, yet those of us who have been flying for years can’t seem to get a grip on this airfare game.

Americans typically get a little jumpy when they feel like they’re being ripped off, but losing money on a bet is just part of the fun.

However, there is nothing fun about paying too much for airfare. According to Jetsetter, there are some specific tips you can follow in order to get the best possible deal.

  • Book airfare six weeks in advance during normal time (not during the holidays)
  • Book airfare three months in advance to a popular location in high season
  • Book airfare for Thanksgiving the day after Labor Day
  • Book airfare as soon as possible during the summer months because rates get higher as summer progresses
  • Book airfare two-to-four weeks in advance during the fall months because you can wait longer for last minute deals in the off-season
  • Book airfare for winter vacations as early as September
  • Book airfare for spring break three months in advance

So plan all of your trips well in advance to ensure the best possible bet on your next airfare purchase. And remember, it’s a gamble.

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