What’s in a name?

In New Zealand, parents have to get permission for their children’s names, which isn’t such a big deal if you want to name your little bundle of joy John or Susan. But the country gets more than its fair share of bizarre monikers that it must turn down.

The Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages has come out with its list of rejected names over the last 12 years.

The most rejected name is Justice (62 times), with King coming in second (31 times). New Zealand turns down any name that suggests the person has a title. That would explain why names like Prince, Princess, Royal, Duke and Major were also nixed.

Some other names that couldn’t get the green light include Lucifer (six times!), Messiah, Christ, Mafia No Fear and Anal. Then there's T, Lady, Rogue and Queen Victoria.

There were also some names that didn’t even include letters, like “*” (asterisk) and “.” (period) and using brackets or back slashes.

Of course, some names do pass the test. Those include Violence and Number 16 Bus Shelter.


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