The brand new cast of hunky stud muffins for 'The Bachelorette' has finally been unearthed, and, ladies, these guys are smokin'! But we've got our eyes on that sex on a stick real estate agent Doug Clerget. He's got everything we're looking for, but don't worry about losing him to Emily what's her face? Even if he wins, we all know these on-screen romances never last.

Clerget comes to us from Tacoma, Washington where he's the vice president of the real estate company Kidder Matthews and co-founder of the charity organization Dollar Per Month (we know, right?). If that wasn't dreamy enough, the 33-year-old has a ripped body that'd give The Situation a run for his reality show money. And (yes, there's more), he's a loving father to 11-year-old Austin.

Don't try to stalk his Facebook page, though, because it's already been taken down. But have no fear! Before it was, we scrambled together some (mostly shirtless) pics for you to enjoy. Check them out below.