Television producer Mickey Stern is working on a new reality show called 'Divorce Hotel,' and he's invited Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore to be its first guests.

The actual Divorce Hotel, located in the Netherlands, offers couples "a quickie divorce over the course of a three-day stay, while enjoying five-star accommodations." Several luxury US hotels will offer the same amenities next spring, so Stern sees a golden opportunity to base a reality show around the concept.

And since Kutcher and Moore's very famous marriage is reportedly on the rocks after a cheating scandal, Stern thinks they'd make great guests.

"Ashton and Demi have all the issues that the ideal couple for this situation would have," he said. "They came in to the marriage, each with their own assets. There were no children. And, clearly, they want to remain amicable on some level and to do this in as efficient a manner as possible."

The invitation extended to the couple by 'Divorce Hotel's' managing director, Jim Halfens, said in part, "I am confident we can help you best navigate this turbulent time and move on to the next step in each of your lives."

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